The Emprize Super is an amp that should be in everybody’s collection. Based on the Fender Tweed Super (5F4) circuit the versatility and sound is every bit the same as the original 1947 Fender models. The amp utilizes two 6L6gc power tubes for to push 28 watts before clipping, all the while delivering fat luscious low tones with pristine highs. Controls include presence, bass, treble and separate volume controls for the normal and bright channels. The amp uses a 12AY7 pre-amplifier tube for more clarity and headroom. A fixed-bias output stage and split-phase inverter helps the amp overdrive more quickly producing overdrive to die for.

Hand Built
P2P Wiring
Ultimate Tone



Finger jointed solid pine cabinet
Shellacked tweed
Oxblood speaker grill cloth
Leather handle
View available finishes


1 x 5U4G Rectifier
1 x 12AY7, 2 x 12AX7 Preamp
2 x 6L6 Output


Volume, Volume, Treble, Bass, Presence.


Hammond Transformers
F&T, Mallory, Panasonic, Vishay components
TAD, EHX, JJ, Sovtek valves
Hand built and wired


2 x 10" Jensen P10R
2 x 10" WGS ET10
2 x 10" Celestion Alnico Gold
2 x 10" Eminence Red Fang
12" Celestion Creamback
12" WGS ET65

Dimensions & Weight

Height: 17.9" (457mm), Width: 22.07" (559mm), Depth: 10.5" (267mm), 16.40kg