Emprize Mini Haxby

The Mini Haxby is a 12 watt valve amp powered by two 6V6 power tubes. This amp has true point to point wiring, two channels each with volume and tone controls, switcheable negative feedback and channel jumping, 4 and 8 ohm outputs. The Mini Haxby produces superb chiming cleans and harmonically rich overdrive. The Mini Haxby is ideal for home, studio use and can be used in smaller gigs.

Hand Built
P2P Wiring
Ultimate Tone



Chassis Only


2 x 12AX7 Preamp
2 x 6V6 Output


Output to power 4 and 8 ohm speaker


High quality F&T filter capacitors
Mallory 150 coupling capacitors
True point to point hand wiring


1 x volume, 1 x tone control per channel
negative feedback
channel jumping

Dimensions & Weight

Width: 9.01" (229mm), Height: 5.03" (128mm), Depth: 5" (127mm), 2kg