Great things come in small packages. The Artisan has just been released from Emprize Amplification. Sparkling clean tones and great crunch from the all tube hand built and wired amplifier. Tube driven rich tremolo tops off a great all rounder. The Artisan is lightweight and portable and is perfect for the studio, practice or mic'd for gigs.

Enjoy the smooth, natural compression of a single 6V6 power tube and versatility of two inputs with varying levels. Controls include volume, treble, bass, speed and intensity. The Artisan is also available in a number of finishes.

Hand Built
P2P Wiring
Ultimate Tone



Finger jointed solid pine cabinet
Rough Blonde Tolex
Fender Wheat grill cloth
Leather handle


1 x 12AX7 Preamp
1 x 6V6 Output
1 x 5Y3 Rectifier


8 ohm output


High quality F&T filter capacitors
Mallory 150 coupling capacitors
True point to point hand wiring


Volume, Bass, Treble
Tremolo Speed & Intensity.

Dimensions & Weight

Width: 17" (432mm), Height: 14" (355mm), Depth: 7.5" (190mm), 6.8kg

Finishes Available

Artisan Rough Black Tolex

Rough Black
Artisan Rough Blonde Tolex

Rough Blonde