About Us

Emprize amplifiers are designed and hand built in the UK to the best standards. The guarantee you have when buying from Emprize Amplification is the assurance that each amp is meticulously built component by component with the care and attention an amp of this calibre deserves.

My name is Philip Fisher and I started Emprize Amplification in 2018. Before then I used to repair and modify amplifier and effect pedal circuits for friends and local musicians. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in how things work, love to reverse engineer and rebuild. I have been playing the guitar for many years and much like many other players strive for the best tone and feel in an amplifier

My goal is to not only faithfully recreate a selection of all time great amps but to also create great modern amps for the most discerning player demands. No compromise is made on design, build, quality of components or testing.

Each amplifier I build is rigorously tested and allowed to ‘burn in’ prior to being delivered. This guarantees that you will receive your amp with the knowledge that it will sound its best and be extremely reliable.

Philip Fisher, Founder