Ordering vs In Stock

Navigate to the "Available Now" page to view amps which are in stock and ready for delivery. Please get in contact via the contact page if you to purchase one of the amps

If you wish to order a model, which is not in stock, then just get in contact via the contact page or choose the amp, available options and follow the checkout process by navigating to the cart. An invoice will be sent at which point a deposit will be required. The final balance will be due on completion of the amp.


You can pay by Paypal or Bank Transfer. Please note that Paypal allows for payments with or without a Paypal account. If you do not have a Paypal account you can pay with a credit card

Where an amp is being built to order there is a requirement for an initial deposit. The final payment will be required on completion of build.


Amps will be delivered via Parcelforce or UPS and require a signature. All amps are insured and tracking information will be forwarded.

UK shipping is free.
US shipping estimate (with insurance) is $310 (as at November 2023).
We are looking to ship to countries outside the UK by the end of 2023.


Amplifiers come with a two year warranty against defects on all parts except for tubes. Tubes are warrantied for 30 days. The owner is responsible for paying shipping costs for repair work. The warranty does not cover: wear, misuse, abuse, water damage, modifications (including use of tube types not specified for the amp). Work performed on an amp by the owner or other companies (other than tube biasing) that cause damage are not covered by the warranty and will void your warranty. Tube Failure and accompanying damage is not covered.


Tube amps contain high voltages even after being unplugged. Do not open the amp and never touch the inside. Refer servicing to a qualified tech. Do not use in wet conditions. Always store the amp in a temperature controlled dry environment. Hot tubes can cause severe burns. Never handle hot tubes.

What you get from Emprize Amplification

Every component that is used in an amp I build has been researched for quality, longevity and tonal characterstics. This approach is continuely reviewed as new and better components become available.

Amplifier cabinets are built by hand and are of excellent quality and strength. Woods used in their construction are always hand picked. Tolex and tweed coverings are high quality and are available in many configurations based on the customer's preference.

Circuits are built using top quality components on G10/FR4 hand made turret or eyelet boards. Component placement and lead dress is optimised for short runs and minimum noise floor.

Each amplifier that is built goes through several iterations of setup and testing prior to being ready for dispatch.

Customer experience is paramount therefore there is communication, help and transparency throughout the process.

Component Brands


WGS, Celestion, Jupiter, Jensen, Eminence


Switchcraft, Neutrik, Alpha, CTS, Bourns, Hammond


Hammond, Primary Windings

Passive Components

F&T, Mallory, Jupiter, Vishay, Welwyn, Panasonic, TAD


JJ, TAD, Sovtek, Electro Harmonix, Svetlana, Tung-Sol