Emprize 10

The 10 is based on the Fender Harvard (5F10) and bridges the gap between the Fender Champ and Deluxe. The Harvard was first launched in 1955, is a 10 watt amplifier utilising a 6AT6 preamplifier tube, 12AX7 phase inverter tube, a pair of 6V6GT power amplifier tubes and a 5Y3GT rectifier tube. The 10, like the Harvard, is finished in shellacked Fender tweed, finger jointed solid pine cabinet with single channel, volume and tone controls. The most famous user of the Fender Harvard, in conjunction with a Fender Telecaster guitar, was Steve Cropper, who said that he used the amplifier for most of the classic recordings made with the Stax house band Booker T. & the M.G.s, including Green Onions and Sittin On The Dock of the Bay.

Hand Built
P2P Wiring
Ultimate Tone



Finger jointed solid pine cabinet
Shellacked tweed
Oxblood speaker grill cloth
Leather handle


1 x 5Y3 Rectifier
1 x 6AT6 Preamp
1 x 12AX7 Phase Inverter
2 x 6V6 Output


Hammond Power Transformer
Hammond Output Transformer


High quality F&T filter capacitors
Mallory 150 coupling capacitors
Available coupling alternatives:
Sprague Orange Drops & Jupiter Vintage


10" Jensen P10R Alnico or
10" Eminence Legend 105 or
10" WGS G10C or
12" Eminence Legend 1275 or
12" Jensen P12Q Alnico or
12" WGS G12Q or
12" Alnico Blue

Dimensions & Weight

Height: 16.9" (430mm), Width: 20.07" (510mm), Depth: 8.85" (225mm), 14.40kg